About Us

Laboratorio Control is an independent company combining an analytical-diagnostic laboratory with technical sanitation consultancy offering the following services:

Agro-food industry

Chemical industry

Bio-sanitary industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetics industry

Brief History

Innovation and Quality are adjectives that define us. Our commitment to quality has been evident from the beginning, obtaining in 1996 the ENAC (Spanish Accreditation Body) accreditation for microbiological analysis of foods and cosmetics (first Spanish laboratory to achieve this recognition).

In 2001, we were one of the first Spanish Laboratory to be accredited by ENAC for Legionella detection following ISO 11731 “Water Quality – Detection and enumeration of Legionella”.

By September 2004 we implemented our most far-reaching expansions, which include:

* Detection and enumeration of Genetically Modified Organisms. We were one of the first Spanish laboratory to be accredited for detection and enumeration of specific transgenic organisms in soya (RR) and maize (Bt11, Bt176 and Mon810).

* Real time detection and enumeration of Legionella pneumophila using Real Time PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

* First ENAC-accredited Spanish laboratory for biocide efficacy testing against Legionella.

* Physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of potable water (compliant with Royal Decree 140/2003).

* Physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of water-based cooling systems (compliant with Royal Decree 865/2003).  

In 2005 , due to our experienced growth, we inaugurated new installations in Las Rozas ( Madrid). The new laboratory has an area of more than 800 m2 and is fully equipped to carry out tests and analyses with the utmost guarantees.

Nowadays, our achieved prestigious acclaim as an independent, private laboratory and with more than 100 parameters accredited by ENAC, has make it possible to have more than 2000 Spanish and European companies as costumers.

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