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Experts in Analytical Services

Food and Feed

Food Microbiological and and physical-chemical control according to quality standard regulations. Food handling analysis. Hygienic-sanitary audits…


Analysis of drinking wáter. Wastewater analysis. Analysis of pool waters. Hemodialysis water testing. Legionella testing…

Beauty and Personal Care

Microbiological analysis. Stability test. Sterility tests. Challenge test. Official contract required by AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices)…

Pharmaceutical Industry

Bacterial endotoxins. Sterility tests. Total Aerobic Viable Counts. Testing of Specified microorganisms…

Nutraceutical Industry

We carry out microbiological and physical-chemical controls of nutritional and dietary supplements according to the current regulations.

Chemical Industry

Analysis of Biocides and Certificates of Chemical Product. Study of Active Ingredients.

Highly demanded services

Laboratory Control

Our laboratory offers analytical services in many sectors and it counts with a broad experience as a technical sanitary consulting (since 1994) in these fields:

We have a wide experience in the sector. Our laboratory operates under the ENAC accreditation (Spanish National Accreditation Body) for over 20 years and we are currently accredited to operate with more than 100 parameters.

Latests News

Food Bioengineered Labeling & Disclosure

The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (7 CFR 66)(, announced on December 20, 2018, requires that bioengineered (BE) foods be properly disclosed by food manufacturers, importers, and certain retailers. The mandatory compliance date is January 1, 2022, and implementation dates vary depending on the size of the business. According to the Standard, a food ... Continued

Olive Oil in the focus of counterfeiters

Olive oil is considered healthy and enjoys great popularity among consumers. It is produced in different quality levels, whereby the highest quality level represents the extra virgin olive oil. The inferior qualities show among other things sensory defects, which do not occur in the high-quality extra virgin olive oil. In supermarkets one finds almost exclusively ... Continued

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