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Laboratory Control carries out efficacy studies and is accredited by the acreditación de ENAC Spanish National Accreditation Body) to conduct efficacy studies of bactericides, fungicides and levuricides in these areas:

  • FOOD

Laboratory Control offers:

  • Advising service (concentrations to be analyzed, conditions, etc.) due to our broad experience in this field for more than 12 years.
  • Screening included in the test.
  • Preliminary analysis with microorganisms.

Tests according to GLP / ISO Standard

Due to established synergies with Tentamus international group of laboratories, we are able to provide our clients with tests according to GLP / ISO Standard.

Active Ingredients

Laboratory Control offers:

  • Quantification and identification of the active ingredient of the preparation
  • Validation of the active ingredient in the sample
  • Analysis of accelerated, real-time and low temperature stability
  • Dilution stability
  • Advice on the relation active substance quantity / product efficacy
  • Preliminary analysis to determine optimal concentration of active substance

Certification of Chemical Products

 · Substances for water treatment

Laboratory Control complies with the requirements included in  Annex III of SSI/304/2013 Order from 19th February  that controls the compliance of UNE standards about substances used in the treatment of drinking water.

· Alimentary Additives

Analysis of Alimentary Additives according to current regulations.

Laboratory Control offers:

  • Issuance of certifications
  • Advice on UNE standards according to the product. More than 40 UNE regulations are accredited for several chemical products


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