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Physio Chemical

Our Physical-Chemical area offers analyses for a vast array of parameters and operates under the ENAC accreditation (Spanish National Accreditation Body) UNE EN ISO 17025 for over 100 parameters.

Besides, Laboratory Control applies advanced techniques developed with high-precision equipment, and uses high quality reagents. This is led by our team of experts who are highly specialized and in continuous training in order to guarantee the precise application of the most up-to-date techniques.

In order to offer our clients the best service and the highest quality standards, we operate with the best technical equipment on the market:

  • ICP-OES 710 Agilent with ultrasonic nebulizer and hydride generator.
  • ICP-MS Agilent 7500 CE
  • ICP-MS Agilent 7900


  • GC-MSMS Varian Saturn 2200 Chromatograph
  • Ion Chromatograph Dionex ICS-1100
  • Liquid Chromatograph Dionex Ultimate 3000

Multianalyzer Mettler Toledo Rondo T70

Spectroquant Prove 300 Spectrophotometer

DR3900 Hach Lange Spectrophotometer

Infrared Photometer FTIR Spectrum Two Perkin Elmer

Microwave Start D milestone

Titralab KF 1000 Volumetric Titrator

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