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Studies on  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


The modification of the Regulations for Thermal Installations in Buildings (in Spanish, RITE) on April, 13th 2013, according to Spanish Regulations (RD 238/2013 standard), establishes the annual obligation  companies in charge of buildings’ maintenance of thermal installations to conduct the following actions:

  • Inspection of air duct system under UNE 100012 standard.
  • Inspection of environmental quality under UNE 171330 standard.

Laboratory Control  employs technicians specialized in IAQ to carry out  inspections of indoor environmental quality under UNE 171330 standard , which includes:

  • Suspended particulates measurement (0,5 microns/m3, 5 microns/m3, etc.)
  • Suspended particulates by gravimetry (pm 2.5, pm 10, etc.)
  • Analysis of particulate matter in air ducts
  • Measurement of fungi and environmental bacteria and duct surfaces
  • Proteomic, genomic and biochemical identification of fungi and bacteria
  • Gas analysis
  • Temperature and relative humidity measurement
  • Hygiene evaluation of air-conditioning system
  • Technical report with corrective measures when needed
  • Tertification according to regulations


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