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Physio Chemical

Our Physical-Chemical area offers analyses for a vast array of parameters and operates under the ENAC accreditation (Spanish National Accreditation Body) UNE EN ISO 17025 for over 100 parameters.

Laboratory Control applies advanced techniques developed with high-precision equipment and uses high-quality reagents. This is led by our team of experts who are highly specialized and in continuous training in order to guarantee the precise application of the most up-to-date techniques.

In order to offer our clients the best service and the highest quality standards, we operate with the best technical equipment on the market:

  • ICP-OES 710 Agilent with ultrasonic nebulizer and hydride generator.
  • ICP-MS Agilent 7500 CE
  • ICP-MS Agilent 7900


  • GC-MSMS Varian Saturn 2200 Chromatograph
  • Ion Chromatograph Dionex ICS-1100
  • Liquid Chromatograph Dionex Ultimate 3000

Multianalyzer Mettler Toledo Rondo T70

Spectroquant Prove 300 Spectrophotometer

DR3900 Hach Lange Spectrophotometer

Infrared Photometer FTIR Spectrum Two Perkin Elmer

Microwave Start D milestone

Titralab KF 1000 Volumetric Titrator

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